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    Masterclasses and Tasting sessions

    Whiskey evenings at Bar Caldo are fun events for people curious about whiskey, where besides having the opportunity to sample a wide selection of whiskeys, they also get to know interesting information about the distilleries, the production process as well as the history of whiskey. Our whiskey evenings are professionally prepared with tasting glasses, water, pipettes and a summary of the whiskies. The background information provided by our experts about the whiskeys open up the world of secrets, aromas and flavours hidden within your glass. The lecturers are experts in whiskey from places such as Bulgaria, Scotland, Ireland and even far-away Japan

    Whiskey evenings are for beginners, advanced drinkers and experts too. The topics are about the origin and history of whiskey production and their methods, steps in tasting, the "geography" of the whiskey (countries and regional producers) maturation, aromas, combining whiskey with food, blind tastings and more. Whiskeys are selected according to the theme of the evening; the selection also includes high-end whiskeys, limited editions and rare bottles.
    Whiskey evenings are held every week between September and May, as well as for personal pre-reservations. Our weekly classes whiskey attract up to 35 people and our
    personal dates meetings can be organised from 1 to 60 people.

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